The Hoekstras owned and ran Knollwood Farm in Michigan for 16 years, standing 3 Dutch Warmblood stallions over the years, importing quality breeding stock, and being involved in Dressage Competitions.  

Carolyn's students routinely scored in 60's and 70's due to her thorough training in biomechanics of the horse and incorporating this into her teaching.  

The Hoekstras moved from Michigan to Oklahoma in 2011, and since then have been developing a viable facility to offer training in this area.

Carolyn prefers to "coach" the rider to teach them to "coach" the horse.  In other words, helping the horse and rider understand the goals and principles of Dressage, through a step-wise approach based on biomechanics.  

This is then translated into information the horse can understand so the partnership between horse and rider is developed progressively with calmness and lightness.

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