Carolyn has done extensive study of breeding, biomechanics, genetics and horse behavior and psychology through Michigan State University, Texas A & M Veterinary Hospital and many other venues. She participated in the USDFBS Judging Program with Hilda Gurney, and is currently participating in the USDF "L" Program.

Carolyn has been trained by the best over the years by international riders, trainers and judges, including:


Tom Poulin

George Williams
J Ashton Moore

Elizabeth Searle

Charlotte Bayley
Jan Ebeling

Hilda Gurney
Sue Madden-Mandas

Michelle Gibson

Christine Traurig

Lois Yukins

Carl Mikolka  
Tom Dvorak

Betsy Steiner

Max Gahwyler

Nancy Smith

She now regularly trains with Tom Poulin and Conrad Schumacher.


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