Carolyn has done extensive study of breeding, biomechanics, genetics and horse behavior and psychology through Michigan State University, Texas A & M Veterinary Hospital and many other venues. She graduated from the USDF Breeding Series Judging Program with Hilda Gurney, and is a Graduate from the USDF "L" Program which made her a Licensed Dressage Judge.

Carolyn has been trained by the best over the years by international riders, trainers and judges, including:


Tom Poulin

George Williams
J Ashton Moore

Elizabeth Searle

Charlotte Bayley
Jan Ebeling

Hilda Gurney
Sue Madden-Mandas

Michelle Gibson

Christine Traurig

Lois Yukins

Carl Mikolka  
Tom Dvorak

Betsy Steiner

Max Gahwyler

Nancy Smith


​About Carolyn​